Politique de confidentialité

Article 1: Collection of personal information

  This privacy policy applies to personal information collected through the KBIS Extract Request Form. The information collected is only the information requested within the framework of the services indicated by the System By way of conclusion, This information will be used not only for the processing of your requests but also for the assistance of the customer service which will facilitate the identification of your access to the site.

Article 2: Information security 

            In compliance with the legal provisions and prescriptions in force, http://www.extractionkbisenligne.fr//

 undertakes to live up to its duties with regard to the security of digital technologies. We then opt for special protection of the personal data of our users by first storing them in perfectly secure databases and only the officials responsible for management will have the right to access them. Then to maintain confidentiality, we use high-performance security measures such as « SSL Protocol » which can never disclose the stored data. Consequently, these security measures will be practical solutions to combat unauthorized access, copying, loss or accidental destruction.

Article 3: Management of cookies            

Managing the use of cookies is possible, simply configure your internet browser and define your choices (acceptance, refusal of certain cookies or alert each time a Cookie is saved). We would like to inform you that certain functionalities of the site could be deactivated or deteriorated following the blocking of the recording of all cookies and that our site will not be responsible for any malfunction linked to the impossibility of consulting the necessary Cookies. Elsewhere, you can configure the recording of cookies on your computer according to the internet browser you use, attached are the configuration pages of certain browsers For computers: § For Internet Explorer:  http://windows.microsoft.com/ en-GB/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies § For Google Chrome:  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=fr&ref_topic=3421433  § For Mozilla Firefox:  http://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/Activer%20et%20d %C3%A9sactivate%20les%20cookies § For Safari:  http://www.apple.com/fr/privacy/use-of-cookies/  § For Opera:  http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/ en/cookies.html

Article 4: Responsibilities

  • The information and knowledge stored in the form of computer media or articles on the http://www.extractionkbisenligne.fr/ comply with the regulations of French law and are considered reliable and relevant.

Article 5: Management and reasons for data collection 

        By implementing a privacy policy, the electronic environment manager of the site  http://www.extrakbisenligne.fr/ demonstrates transparency regarding the processing of information that will be collected on our site. This transparency aims to establish a bond of trust with the Internet user. Once the form data is entered, the site team  http://www.extrakbisenligne.fr/  will take care of the remaining operations and will keep your details for the time necessary to:

  • Complete the procedure for your KBIS extract request.
  • Provide the best support possible.
  • Answer your questions and try to avoid any ambiguity regarding our operation
  • Continuously improve our services

Article 6: Right of access, rectification, deletion

http://www.extractionkbisenligne.fr/  ensures the possibility of carrying out several operations concerning your personal data. It will be mandatory to contact the customer support service   http://www.extrakbisenligne.fr/ in writing  for any request for consultation or modification. As for deletion requests, the execution of this operation will be partially possible since there is information that must be kept under the law.

Article 7: Intellectual property 

      The intellectual property of the site  http://www.extrakbisenligne.fr/  is manifested by all the components present including: texts and articles, data, logos, photographs, documentation, the design and electronic functionality of the pages, sound elements or visuals… These elements reserve in full and without exception the intellectual protection of the site  http://www.extrakbisenligne.fr/   in various respects, and no one is authorized to copy, exploit or use them for commercial purposes.


                    If you have any questions relating to the privacy policy, please contact us at  contact@ extracted-kbis-en-ligne.net

 Updates may be made from time to time, in which case the amended privacy policy will be posted immediately on our website.